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Paolo graduated with honors in violin at the "D. Cimarosa" Conservatory in 1993.

He began working as a violinist in orchestras winning two national and international scholarships. He was hired by the Orchestra Dimi for concerts in the Vatican City and in various national events: "Il giorno della Repubblica", the Festival di Maggio, Jubilee, Family Day (in the Vatican), Anniversary of September  11th  tragedy in the presence of all state offices, tournee with Gino Paoli, Thirty Hours for Life.

Hired  by several theater companies including the "Bellini Theater"

in Naples, Luigi De Filippo; with Mauro Gioia he has toured in  Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Monaco.

He has participated several times in various RAI television programs: "Destination Sanremo" conducted by Pippo Baudo and C. Cecchetto, "Domenica In", "Your own Business", "Telethon in Toronto".

He was selected by RadioRai in Naples to be featured in both radio plays and live concerts. He has recorded    violin, viola and mandolin solos, for the soundtracks of several films including 'Ustica una spina nel cuore' by R. Scavolini, 'Uomo in più' by P. Sorrentino, 'Il Ronzio delle Mosche' by D. D'Ambrosi, 'Le conseguenze dell'amore' by P. Sorrentino, 'Signorina Effe' by W. Labate,  'La doppia ora' by G. Capotondi, 'Mine vaganti' by F. Ozpetek, , 'Baciato dalla fortuna' directed  by V. Salemme and some film music by P.Catalano  like 'Romanzo Criminale', 'La Siciliana Ribelle', 'Meno male che ci sei', 'Barney's Version'. He has also recorded several television advertisements, short films, publishing, music videos, plays and musicals. He has worked as a violinist in a play, 'Mozart and Pulcinella' directed by Franco Palmieri, that toured various theaters in Italy.

He was chosen from the PMCE of Rome as violinist and violist soloist in several concerts in theaters as "Petrassi Hall", Sinopoli Hall and Santa Cecilia Hall in Rome.


He graduated in Violin in 1994 at the 'Cimarosa' Conservatory in Avellino.

He obtained his teaching diploma in 1991 and in 2007 he graduated at the second level of Violin chamber music.

In 2010 he qualified at the second level of specialization in violin teaching.

He won a scholarship course in ' Orchestra's Director' at the Trapani Orchestra which gave him the opportunity to take part in some tours in different Italian theaters.

He also took part in a specialization course for string instruments at the 'San Pietro a Majella' Conservatory in Naples.

He played in many Orchestras, including the: Campania Regional Orchestra and Orchestra of Murricion's Theater of Chieti.

As orchestra Director, he performed different Operatic- lyric and Symphonic season in Italy and abroad.

He took part in some television programs such as 'I fatti vostri' Rai Uno and 'Destinazione Sanremo' Rai Due.

He has also performed as a soloist violin and mandolin player such as 'Tiny Alice' directed by Abel Ferrara and 'La cantata del pastore' with Peppe Barra.

He is currently a professor of violin at a secondary school and he is conducting an intense musical activity ranging from classical to ancient and from folk to Jazz music.


Luigi has a degree in violin and viola from   "Domenico Cimarosa" Conservatory of Avellino; he is the winner of national competitions, like soloist and in quartet formation. He has played in the greatest national and European theatres with great musicians (B. Giuranna, A. Carbonare, M. Maisky, B.B. King, M. Devia, L. Nucci, J. Carreras, R.Muti ...).

He plays not  just "classical music",  but for ten years  has played popular music too,  with very famous international artists (Emy Stewart, L. Dalla,  F. De Gregori, R. Zero, Al Bano, M. Ranieri, Milva, Ron, Giorgia, Raf, Nek, F. Concato, M. Zarrillo, L. Berté, A. Minghi, Alexia, Neri per Caso, E. Bennato, G. D' Alessio, G. Finizio, E.  Napoli, M.  Merola, N. D'Angelo ...).

He has specialized as music manager and he has played with his orchestras in lots of tv broadcasts like "Domenica In",  "I Fatti Vostri", "Destinazione Sanremo", "Tappeto volante", "Viva Napoli", "Napoli prima e dopo", "Note di Natale".

He has participated in television charity events like "Telethon" and "30 ore per la vita.

In 2000 he established his own agency called "In Musica".


Marco graduated with honors at the ' San Pietro a Majella' Conservatory in Naples. He studied with Masters such as E. Salvatore, L. Signorini, F. Maggio Ormezowki, A. Noferini, A.Meunier, G. Caramania, L. Claret and E. Aaron

During his many years of training, Marco has participated in numerous national and international competitions as solo instrument and chamber musician such as 'G.B Pergolesi 1993' in Naples third classified, 'Città di Bacoli 2000' ( first prize),

Città di Castelfidardo 2003 (first prize)

Gargano 2004 (first prize)

Città di Camerino 2004 (first prize)

Città di Formia 2004 (first classified)

European Competition 'Pietro Argento' 2004 (second prize),

European Competition 'MusicArt 2004' ( second classified).

He has collaborated with renowned artists such as 'Salvatore Accardo', 'U. Ughi', 'P. Bellugi', 'D. Renzetti', 'D. Oren', 'R. De Simone' and he has also studied in Orchestras like 'The Symphony Orchestra of Sanremo', 'I solisti del San Carlo' of Naples, Theater Verdi of Terni and Salerno.

He has  performed in prestigious places in Italy such as the

San Carlo theater, Ariston of Sanremo, Regio Theater of Parma, Auditorium Parco della Musica of Rome as well as in  Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, England, Sweden Palestine, Israel, China and USA, performing in "chamber music formation" (duet, trio,string quartet) and Orchestra.

As a solo instrumentalist, he has recorded soundtracks for films such as 'La kryptonite nella borsa' directed by Ivan Cotroneo, 'Magnifica presenza' directed by Ferzan Ozpetek, 'La chiamata' of G. Curi and " Amiche da morire" di G. Farina.

He  has also collaborated with famous artists such as Claudio Baglioni who was in tour in the winter 2004/2005 recording the video clip 'Crescendo e cercando' 2005; Enzo Avitabile who has recorded the musical work "Napoletana" and "Black Tarantella" which won the  Tenco award 2009 and 2012 who had been in tour in Italy and Europe.

He has recorded the life of  'Enzo Avitabile' documentary-film in 2012 directed by Jonathan Demma (director award of the 'Il silenzio degli innocenti').

He has collaborated with Edoardo Bennato from 2001 in concerts, tv programs and )record labels such as ' La fantastica storia del piffero magico', il live 'MTV Classic Storytellers' and the music video 'Credo solo a te'.

Marco has also collaborated in live string quartet project with Amii Stewart and John Cale – Velvet Underground.

He has worked with great singers such as Lucio Dalla, Pino Daniele, Mario Biondi, Alex Britti, Gino Paoli, Al Bano, Velvet, Billy Preston, Eugenio Bennato and so on. He has made numerous records and has taken part in many tv shows in Satellite network, Rai, Mediaset ed MTV, Un disco per l'estate 2002 (Rai), 40 anni di Beatles of Red Ronnie 2002 (Mediaset), Note di Natale with E. Bennato and M. Vessicchio 2002 (Mediaset), Zeling Circus 2005 (Mediaset), Festival di Sanremo 2003(rai), Amici di Maria de Filippi from 2008 to 2010 with Orchestra's director M.Vessicchio (Mediaset) and Mettiamoci all'opera 2011 (Rai).

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